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Two Can Run That Game

What’s a game? We play games all the time. You’re playing several right now.

Games consist of these features:

1. A goal or quest

2. Rewards and spoils

3. Rules where disobedience is punished but following them is a high five

4. Opponents to battle

5. A place for the battle to happen

6. Tools for battle 

Andrea Pirlo and Inigo Montoya had very different strategies. And those strategies didn’t always work. 

As their lives changed, their strategies needed to change. Inigo Montoya became a master swordsman in pursuit of revenge but, when he couldn’t find his target, he fell into an errant life of drunker stupors. Andrea Pirlo enjoyed a long career winning Europe’s finest football trophies but, when he moved to New York, he entered a different football culture and, while he remained exceptional, his strategy didn’t always work.


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