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The 4-week experience kicks off
1st March, 2023

The Sweathead Strategy Accelerator is back.

The details at a glance:

  • It runs for 4 weeks from Thursday, March 1st, 2023 to Thursday, March 30th, 2023.
  • Live sessions are offered each Tuesday and Thursday at 12pm ET. You’ll attend 8 of them.
  • We’ll host open office hours in Week 3. You can bring your work to this.
  • Accelerator students get access to our premium videos – nicely edited and worthy of YouTube (but not on YouTube).
  • Assignments are due by Monday, March 27th
  • Assignments involve creating 3 versions of a Four Points framework, one strategy story, and one simple creative brief.
  • Certificates are provided upon completion – getting through the online lessons and submitting an assignment.
  • We’ll host the cohort in our Slack channel.
  • You’ll need to allocate 15-20 hours for this accelerator.


Choose cohort March 2023 & October 2023

Choose a cohort for 2023. You can either choose to experience the accelerator in March or October of 2023.

What You'll Learn

What You'll Get

  • 9 hours of live training

  • Open office hours

  • 3+ hours of tightly edited video classes

  • An assignment plus quizzes for each lesson

  • Strategy Is Your Words - the book

  • 12 months' access to the Sweathead Membership

  • A certificate of completion (if you complete)

What Students Have Said

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Choose cohort March 2023 & October 2023

Choose a cohort for 2023. You can either choose to experience the accelerator in March or October of 2023.


Week 1

  • 2-hour kickoff training (Tuesday, Mar 7th, 12 pm)
  • Group training 2 - Ideas (Thursday, Mar 9th - 12pm, 1 hour)
  • Video classes & assignment released
  • Assignment due at the start of Week 4

Week 2

  • Group training 3 - Problems (Tues, Mar 14th - 12pm, 1 hour)
  • Group training 4 - Insights (Thurs, Mar 16th - 12pm, 1 hour)
  • Work on assignment

Week 3

  • Group training 5 - Advantages (Tues, Mar 21st - 12pm, 1 hour)
  • Group training 6 - Strategy (Thurs, Mar 23rd - 12pm, 1 hour)
  • Open office hours
  • Work on assignment

Week 4

  • Assignments due Monday, Mar 27th
  • Group training 7 - Work review sessions  (Tues, Mar 38th - 12pm, 1 hour)
  • Group training 8 - Work review sessions  (Thurs, Mar 30th - 12pm, 1 hour)

*All times Eastern Standard Time/New York timezone.

The Assignment

Your final assignment will require you to respond to a marketing brief that we’ll give you. You’ll need to do a little research (not too much).

  • You’ll create 3 different strategies using The Four Points Framework. 
  • You’ll choose one strategy and write a one-page strategy story
  • You’ll turn this strategy story into a simple creative brief.

And you’ll be able to work on the assignment from Day 1.

Whom You'll Learn With

Mark Pollard

Hi, I’m Mark Pollard.

I’ve worked in and around agencies since I was 19.  I started out doing Internet things then I became an account planner at Leo Burnett in Sydney at 28. 

I’m eleven years into New York. I’ve run strategy teams and departments here.

Companies like The Economist, Twitter, Euronews, Complex,
and many more have hired me
to do strategy with them. 

But I also host the Sweathead podcast and community and I’ve taught strategy to thousands of people around the world.

I’m on LinkedIn here.

Is This For You?

This is most geared toward you if you have some kind of responsibility for strategy in your day job. You don’t need “strategy” or “strategist” in your job title.

You could be new to the industry or senior to it. You could be in an agency or work for a brand. You could be a marketer, a copywriter, a creative director, an account director, an agency leader, a researcher, or an account planner.

You might want to switch into a full-time strategy role or simply provide better strategic counsel to your brand/s.

How Many Hours Will This Require?

Let’s say that putting aside 4-5 hours per week will work.

  • There will be 9 hours of live training sessions (over 4 weeks).
  • The video classes include quizzes and exercises (approx 2 hours, x3 weeks).
  • The main assignment will take 2-3 hours.

You could spend more time or you could skip a couple of things if you need to. Learning the concepts is one thing. It’s in the application of the concepts and in the small moments of group sessions that the learning happens.


Choose cohort March 2023 & October 2023

Choose a cohort for 2023. You can either choose to experience the accelerator in March or October of 2023.

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