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You run too much

How can you critically think about the work you do every day.

You run too much. But why? 

In 2015, one of Italy’s most luscious footballers moved to New York to play soccer at Yankee Stadium. Andrea Pirlo joined NYCFC after a massive career in Europe. 

One year into his time in the South Bronx, a journalist asked him what it was like to play soccer in Major League Soccer. He said, “It’s a very hard league to play in. It’s very physical, there’s a lot of running. So there is a lot of physical work and to me, in my mind, too little play.”

This quote stuck with me because Pirlo’s observation could have been about working in advertising. Meetings, emails, notifications, self-importance, timesheets… but where’s the good work?

How does this quote strike you? Contemplate it.


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