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But here’s the thing about…

Shed new light on these ten problems. Open them up.

Take these sentences and write “But here’s the thing about …”. 
Then write five insights – unspoken human truths – per problem statement. Or more.

You’ll need to choose the topic that you’re “opening up”. 
For example, “Heineken isn’t exotic enough for me” might lead you to these starts:
“But here’s the thing about Heineken …”
“But here’s the thing about Holland …” 
“But here’s the thing about beer …”
“But here’s the thing about simple beer …”
“But here’s the thing about exotic beer …”

You have a lot of mini editorial decisions to make. Don’t focus on getting anything right or wrong.

If you’re eager, you could spend a few minutes reading consumer reviews or trawling through social media posts to see if these kinds of themes appear. 
You might search for the brand name or you might search for the topic you want to open up (eg “Holland”, “beer”, “simple beer”, “exotic beer”). 
You’ll need to search for language that people actually use to find out what they think. 
For example, you might search for “exotic beer” and see what appears. If you don’t find anything useful, you’ll remember that “exotic” is standing in for “craft” and search for “craft beer” and other adjacent topics.

Always keep in mind the audience you’re trying to convince. You can be silly and you can be extreme but if the audience would find your insight irrelevant then keep going. So, yes, this means you need to think about which audience believes these problem statements. 


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